Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Welcome Boerne, Texas

Orientation was held at the PDA camp yesterday morning and we welcomed our newest team from Boerne, Texas. We were excited as that is the city Monty and I stayed in during our Christmas break last year. There are only 7 of them which seems really small compared to what we've been getting and on their skill sheets they rated themselves as not very skilled but we have found out otherwise!
We had them divided into 2 teams yesterday. One with Lawrence and Arnesha and the other with Collier and Justine. All were learning the art of sanding sheetrock mud and all were doing well.
A phone call early this morning from Arnesha telling me Lawrence's aunt passed away last night changed the plans for the rest of the week. The entire team is at Collier and Justine's and they are finished with the sanding and are now learning - and mastering - the other art of texturing. Each one has their own technique and are doing very well. You can also see that they are priming the roof/awning that was built last week.
A couple more photos show how you have to really "put your hands into it" when mixing the mud and how "speckled" one can get when texturing over your head! They are all laughing and having a great time and that's what working in the joy of the Lord can do.
Monty had part of them with him first thing this morning loading the trash from Lawrence and Arnesha's. They took it to the dumpster we have located at Rosaland's and by the time they were finished it was time to call for that dumpster to be removed and an empty one dropped in its place. Great job team!
The temps around here are on the rise - yesterday missing one degree of the record of 93! There isn't a cloud in the sky so the sunshine is quite intense but the team is drinking plenty of water and doing well. Boerne is in the hill country of Texas and although it gets quite hot there too this is a bit ahead of schedule.
Tomorrow the new roof will be started at Lawrence and Arnesha's even though they will be busy with family matters. Hopefully the following day they will be back home so the electrician can complete his work followed by the heating and air the next day. Each day moving forward and closer and closer to the end.
Justine stopped by the house yesterday as she took a break from work to meet the team and was thrilled at the progress that has been made in their home. This team hopes to be finished with the texturing tomorrow and then move on to priming and maybe even some painting by the end of the week. And they thought they were unskilled !!!!
On a side note -- we've already received a phone call asking if we are headed to Nashville, TN with the flooding that is going on there. Our answer is "not at the moment." This is not the time. The waters need to receed, emergency personel need to be able to go in, damages need to be assessed and the rest of us need to stay out of their way for now. The time will come for rebuilding and then . . . all I can say is just keep in touch with us and you will know.
In the meantime we all need to pray! Disasters of all kinds are happening all over this United States of ours. Prayer is the number 1 thing that is needed and something everyone can do! If you haven't done it in awhile -- try it -- it works miracles!
Until next time . . . thank you for your prayers! Susan and Monty

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