Friday, May 21, 2010

Amazing Work

They did it all -- the flooring, the kitchen cabinets, the sink and plumbing completely installed with water running, trim around the windows and floors, electrical boxes replaced with covers and ceiling fans hung -- all in 4 1/2 days! What a team of men! They managed to do the little things, the special touches that really set off a house! My wish? That they could stay longer! But with the heat ramped up to the mid 90s and humidity almost that high I know they were ready to get back home to the air conditioning! Both Collier and Justine are thrilled and ever so thankful!
As soon as I had the tools picked up and was heading home Monty called for some help. We had lunch with Pastor Bob of the San Leon Community Church and Mr Carl and his wife, Brenda. We wanted to thank them for the use of their church for our orientations for all these months and also bless them in a special way. They are building another sanctuary and needed some rock brought in for a driveway. Monty had located a place here locally so he went back to get the dump trailer hooked up and off he went for the gravel. When he returned to the church he got one back tire caught in the loose gravel and thank goodness Mr Carl showed up minutes before I did because with a large rope and a little tug Monty was out and he and I went back to get a second load. We might be able to bring in even more next week.
While at lunch Pastor Bob asked Monty and I if we would speak at his church this Sunday. He wants Monty to give his testimony and of course we were honored to say yes. Now any of you who know us already know Monty says he's not a speaker -- but you know different! And Sunday he just might realize it himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow we welcome another team from here locally. They are coming to spend the day and will be working at Joyce's hopefully getting her storage container emptied and housekeeping set back up again inside. She is thrilled with her new carpeting and is anxious to see this team again as they worked with her last month when they were here. She admitted that she's been quite lonely without the teams each week!
Another week coming to a close and another week of amazing blessings -- thanks Boerne, Texas!
Until next time . . . bless someone else today! Susan and Monty

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