Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boerne returns

The PDA "blue shirts" came back! Yesterday we welcomed the first part of them. They will have more men joining them throughout the week but that didn't stop them from jumping in and getting to work in Collier and Justine's house!
Since the PDA camp is closed this month we are housing them in one of our local Methodist churches and after seeing the accomodations they were thrilled! The church and its members do a wonderful job at caring for the volunteers, clean sheets for their beds and an industrial size kitchen if they chose to cook. These men aren't doing any cooking but still enjoy the space and place to relax.
We immediately got to work with a materials listing of what they would need and they followed me back to the tool trailer to pick up tools. They are putting down luan flooring over the subflooring in order for the surface to be completely smooth for the vinyl tiles they will be laying. The luan was all down before noon today and they planned on starting the tile flooring. The kitchen cabinets and counter top will be delivered tomorrow so they can continue working. Collier and Justine were all smiles when they returned home yesterday and met the team and heard what they hope to accomplish this week. They are very ready to have their kitchen back!
This team is quite special this week. As you remember, they were just here a couple of weeks ago and when they returned home they contacted numerous small churches in their area and challenged them to help put together a team to return to help us rebuild. There are representatives from many churches and it's great to see them come together to help others! Again -- I think it's the way Jesus wanted it!
I can't wait to see how well they progress this week and who else will be joining them! Be sure and stay tuned.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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