Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angels in cowboy boots

Over 1500 buckets filled with food, palletted, shrunk wrapped and ready for the trip to Haiti to feed thousands! What an amazing day!
The warehouse in Houston was packed with pallets of food items and the people came out in droves -- each taking a bucket with the emblem "Angels in Cowboy Boots" on the front. They carried it from station to station filling it with food items.
My station was the first --me and the guys! We had large plastic jars of peanut butter and small plastic bowls. From there they traveled to pick up sugar, stewed tomatoes, cornmeal, beans, rice, silverware and last but not least -- a hand made card for each bucket.
The forklift driver was quite busy as we went through pallet after pallet. Folks made it into a game, some carrying 3 buckets at a time. And believe me, by the end of their travel that bucket was quite full. In fact, the men at the end of the line with the rubber mallets pounding them closed probably can't lift a fork to their own mouths today because of sore muscles!
It was a great day! The goal of 1500 buckets was reached and surpassed. Each bucket will feed many hungry tummys and will bless them beyond measure. It was an honor to be a small part of the entire picture God has put together.
May God go with each bucket, into each hungry tummy and heart and bless them and give them hope!
Until next time . . . have you helped in any way? Susan and Monty

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April :-) said...

Monty and Susan,

Thanks again for all your help during the Haiti Food Bucket project. It was great working with you. God Bless you both!....April :-)