Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Boerne folks arrive

They were joined by more new faces and even more work is being done!
You can see the flooring and as I write this they are finishing the final touches.
The kitchen cabinets and counter top arrived this afternoon and they were making plans to get them layed out for tomorrows installation. The combination of the counter top with the flooring is beautiful! Justine will be pleased when she gets home from work!
They are also putting up the trim around the windows and the base on the floor in the kitchen and dining rooms. Collier had a smile on his face when he got home from work and saw the progress!
Who knows who will be here tomorrow? It's been fun to meet new people each day and yet sad to see some gone -- a revolving door of volunteers this week! Thanks Martha for putting all the details together and getting the guys here!
I had a question from a reader wondering about Lawrence and Arnesha's house and how it's coming along? The two of them are working away and understand that the month of May is always a tough one with volunteers. Our numbers are always down and with the heating and air and electricians finishing up their work it's been a good time to be out of there -- too many people to work around. When I saw them last they had been finishing the sheetrock and were thinking about starting the tile walls which will go around the tub.
Joyce and Rosaland are also on hold until the teams pick back up in June. Each understands and knows that we are completely and solely dependant on volunteers to do the work. Each also knows that God has perfect timing and the day WILL come when they are "done" and all is beautiful once again.
On a side note, please keep our construction coordinator in Galveston, Sandy, in your prayers. You might remember that a couple of weeks ago he suffered a stroke and a couple of weeks before that a heart attack. His doctors are not clearing him to return to running volunteers so Alan and Rocky from the Houston area are going to step in and cover for him. He could really use some prayers right now and in the future.
Tim is doing very well since his brain tumor surgery and will be starting chemo in the next couple of weeks. Jenn is "growing" with her pregnancy and doing the best she can to cope with all that is happening with them. Please continue praying for them.
I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already! Where does the time go?
Until next time . . . thanks for all the prayers! God is listening to each one! Susan and Monty

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