Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Friends = Awesome Mother's Day

They grew up together and I am certain that they kept each other alive during some pretty tough times! When you saw one of them you always saw the other.
When I met Monty - I met Nate. They were nearly inseparable! The stories can go on for days and the laughter would wake the dead. They've been through things that most of us couldn't dream of and they have survived. They've managed to grow up -- almost!
Nate was about 4 hours from us for the weekend with his work and decided to come and spend the time with us. I don't know how long it's been since we've seen him but time never matters. They just pick up where they left off.
Nate treated us to dinner Sat night and the plans were set in motion to spend Mother's Day fishing. Now to most women this might seem like a nightmare instead of a dream. Not me! To see these guys together, to get to enjoy their love for one another, to hear more stories and to laugh until I have to wipe tears -- priceless. After getting some one day fishing license's at Walmart, a couple more poles and some gear we set a meeting time for Sunday morning.
At 9am sharp here was Nate and off we were for a great breakfast and then to the gulf for some fishing. It didn't take 30 seconds from the time I cast my pole (actually Monty cast it but taught me how) that I had a fish on the line and into the shore. That started "the count." Nate was right behind me and poor Monty couldn't even get his hook in the water for having to take my fish off and rebait my hook. I also managed to learn how to bait my own hook but taking off the fish? That just didn't happen!
The day was perfect, clouds and windy and temps way below the forecast. We were still fishing at 6:30pm when I finally had to remind the guys that we were approaching the starving stage. We packed it all in and the final count was a total of 33 fish for all of us -- including an oyster and eel that I caught and not counting the entire shrimp boat that Monty "caught."
When it came time for Nate to leave later in the evening it was very sad! I hated to see him go almost as much as Monty did. One valuable lesson we all learned --- none of us are taking enough time away to do things we love to do -- to unwind and relax.
Some friends we meet come and go, others we consider good friends. Some are even close friends. But those that are lifelong -- that bond that can't be broken -- those friends are family and gifts from God.
Nate, we love you and we thank you for coming and being such a blessing to us both! You may be Monty's lifelong and best friend forever but you are also my dearest friend and we both love you dearly.
Until next time . . . hope all you Mothers had half the day I had! Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

Happy to see your Mother's Day post -- happpy to see the pictures of Nate and Monty!

~ Alys

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you both - as always your adorable. Miss you