Friday, May 14, 2010

This and That, Here and There

One of Texas finest!

With no teams of volunteers this week it's been the opportunity to get some odds and ends wrapped up. Monty has mounted a tire underneath the truck - even with some parts missing. He also has been working on tool organization - which is never ending! He's down to trying to empty out the back of his own truck - pray for him! :)

Today we have the bed of my truck loaded with things to go into the warehouse. Our warehouse is donated space and right next to the interstate so it's handy for all of us.

I have been able to get some much needed paperwork caught up - for now anyway. Our printer took a dive awhile back and the one I purchased as a replacement ended up doing a really nasty job of printing so I returned it and got another one. It turns out to be a good one so I guess it's a keeper. It can also copy which is a feature that will be very helpful. Having our "office" inside the trailer is challenging enough but with a small corner at the table it seems to work out fine. We did find out they just don't make small printers anymore!

And surprise --- our PDA team from last week is returning next week! They managed to reach out to some of their local churches and put together a team of skilled men who will arrive Monday and work all week! What great news for Collier and Justine as they thought they had to wait until June to get more work done. This team will start with subflooring and then laying vinyl in their kitchen and dining room and possibly get to hanging cabinets! Right behind them comes our local Saturday team so hopefully they can make it a 6 day work week! Thanks Martha -- great job in reaching out and spreading the word!

Tomorrow we will be leaving very early and heading to Houston to fill food buckets that will be sent to Haiti. One of the local Methodist churches has it all organized and we are excited about getting to help out. UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) is international and these food buckets will be blessings beyond measure!

Until next time . . . have you done anything to help? Susan and Monty

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