Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deuteronomy 1 : 6

"you have stayed long enough on this mountain"

The time has come for Monty and I to head home -- Indiana -- to children, grandchildren, parents, siblings and the rest of our family, our church family, friends and neighbors -------------for the next 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we went through our missions training school we learned that missionaries out in the field should be out for 9 months and home for 3 months ---- each year!

Well . . . we've been in the field without any break for nearly 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We NEED the break and God has spoken! He is the one who told us, He is the one who told us when we need to leave and He is the One we are trusting.

We have dedicated our lives to disaster ministries and cannot continue to give our best to help others if we don't take care of ourselves. (I'm still telling myself this even as I tell you)

The time has come -- God has given us the signs -- and yet it is tougher than you can imagine. We have been here in Texas since October of 2008 and it has become like home. God has touched our lives in so many ways, extended our family in so many directions and yet He is telling us that we've been here long enough.

It is our sincere prayer that our donations will continue during our time at home. Somehow I can't imagine going home for sabbatical and having to get a job while there?! God has always provided us with what we need just when we need it and we thank all of you for being His hands and feet in supporting us.

Our granddaughter will be 2 years old next month and we'll actually get to be there to celebrate with her -- we've only seen her 3 times!

We have a wedding to attend -- one of our volunteers who came for weeks and has invited us to the wedding -- we wouldn't miss it!

Family reunions are scheduled and we will be there! It's been a long time! It's now time!

UMCOR has brought Dan from the Beaumont, Texas camp here to step in right behind us and he will continue to run teams and get homes rebuilt and lives put back together. This UMCOR team has become like family to us and we are all getting together tomorrow evening for our goodbye -- I'll need a large box of tissues!

Where will we go at the end of the 3 months? Is there a shortage of disasters? Have you heard the hurricane forecast?

God will let us know when we need to know! And then we'll pack up, hitch up and be off once again.

The blog will continue while we are off and we hope you will continue with us.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to leave. I will be updating you each day as we are now down to less than a week before we pull out and head north.

Until next time . . . we are trusting You, Lord Jesus! Susan and Monty

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