Thursday, May 06, 2010

And then there were 4

Our Boerne team all worked together once again yesterday. All were in Collier and Justine's house where they mastered the art of texturing with a roller and then were moving on to priming both the walls and ceilings. They patched in and did an excellent job of matching texture on already textured ceilings - not an easy job.

Yesterday afternoon they took a break and spent some time on the island, Galveston. The weather was perfect, low humidity with temps in the low 90s. And then it was time for 3 of them to head home.

This morning I met the remaining 4 who were raring to go with the rest of the priming and were planning on doing some painting. They met their goal and were painting the hallway and bedroom and who knows where else by the end of the day. Paint always transforms a home and I know they are anxious for both Collier and Justine to get home from work so they can see how beautiful their home is becoming.

I also stopped by Joyce's to pick up a punch list. She met me at the door with a beautiful rose and card for Mother's Day and we spent the next couple of hours "having church" as she called it. She is such a woman of God and when we both got to talking and sharing stories of how God has worked in our lives the time just flew by! Talking with her was just what I needed today as satan had already set a couple of traps and with Joyce's help I was able to not get caught up in them!

Monty got his 2 garage doors completely done and they are to perfection and look great! It brought smiles all around. Monty gave them instructions that if another storm were to come in here all they need to do is raise the doors and they should be just fine! Let's pray they don't need to even think about it.

Tomorrow is Friday and this team will be wrapping up. We are going to miss them, especially since we don't have another one coming in for a couple of weeks. May is always a slow time for volunteers with Mother's Day, graduations and such so we are used to it but it still makes it tough when there are homes to finish. It's all in God's timing!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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