Friday, April 30, 2010

Light blue meets dark blue

The light blue shirts of UMCOR met the dark blue shirts of PDA and all joined in working together in both Collier and Justine's and Lawrence and Arnesha's homes.
The theme ?? Sheetrocking!!! And then some more sheetrocking with some patching thrown in for fun. Each home is buzzing with activity. You would think they had all worked together all their lives and yet they hadn't even met one another until they had to start working together! Everyone is doing an excellent job and both homes will be completely sheetrocked and taped and mudded and ready for texture by the time they are finished tomorrow.
The dark blue PDA shirt team is on their last day today. We thank them for all their hard work. They also managed to patch the subflooring in Collier and Justine's home - moving forward with each step.
The weather has been less than cooperative today also -- the skies dripping with moisture and the fog is already setting in here along the coast so tomorrow won't be any better. The teams are "watching paint dry" in a manner of speaking.
Some of them did take advantage of the contractor appreciation luncheon at Lowes today. I think a few of them even played a couple of games and won tshirts and/or hats!
They did add a bit of "excitement" when they discovered a gas leak at Collier and Justine's. Collier was making the call to the company asap.
Lawrence is doing a bit better with his back - thanks to a local chiropractor - who had to see him twice today! We hope he is back up and working again as soon as is possible.
You can also see one of the garage doors Monty has been working on the past couple of days. Installing them is usually a group project but he's decided to tackle it himself and is doing a great job!
Tomorrow morning we welcome yet another team and we are praying the weather will be a bit better than today but . . . the weather man doesn't seem to think it will happen -- oh well -- there's always work to be done no matter what the weather!
Until next time . . . bless someone today! Susan and Monty

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