Friday, May 07, 2010

Thanks Boerne

They gave it their all and it shows! Collier and Justine's walls are all done and all colorful! Collier was there to thank them and bid them farewell.

They didn't actually leave for home from there -- they wanted to work a couple more hours so they followed me to Joyce's house where they focused on clearing her family room of all sorts of things that have accumulated during her rebuild. They were packing things into the garage and kitchen helping her get a grasp on what goes where. They were even planning on helping her locate all of her sunflower decor that's been stored in the POD. Bless them for all they did and we pray they have a safe drive home.

To top it all off -- they are trying to put together another team to return week after next! When they heard that our scheduled team had cancelled they put on their thinking caps and are trying to reach some of the smaller churches in their area that might not be able to gather enough folks for a large team and hoping they can all get together and make up a sizable team! That would be fantastic and we will await their phone call and be ready to house them and put them to work!

The new roof is complete for Lawrence and Arnesha and the heating and air and electric should be done tomorrow --yes, they also work on Saturdays!

Another week of moving forward, step by step. Some pretty big steps took place at Collier and Justine's and the smile on his face as we drove out of the drive spoke volumes!

Thanks Boerne! You thought your skills only rated a 1 on the scale --- you were WRONG!!

Until next time . . . be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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