Sunday, May 30, 2010

Divided Heart

Our Disaster Recovery family at our goodbye dinner Friday night -- laughs combined with tears -- it divides my heart but also makes me realize just how blessed we have been to be a part of God's amazing plan!

Eddie, Alan, Sandy, Rocky, Tim and Jenn, Lee and Jim -- all have touched our lives more than they know. They have been there with us and for us, in front of us and behind us through the good times and the tough times. I cannot express our thanks to all of them!

We will miss all of you more than you know -- but you all also know how important it is to take time away, to regroup and be refilled ourselves -- and for that we thank you! May God continue to bless each of you -- Tim with health, Jenn with a wonderful new baby (yes Tim, you too), Sandy with health, Rocky with a continued smile and love for this "work", Alan with health and the continued positive energy and love for each of us and Eddie with everything it takes to continue to be the leader God has called him to be!

Time is ticking as we get ready. Monty has the trucks nearly ready, tires are a last minute thing and tools are never ending. One more day and Timothy will fly in from Florida to help us for a day before we all saddle up and head north!

We appreciate your continued prayers for safe and uneventful travel.

Until next time . . . thanks for everything Texas family!!!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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Jane said...

God be with you as you travel back to Indiana. A belated happy birthday, Susan. Hope to see you and Monty on the "flip side." I'm going back to Texas City October 1 and will stay until ???? I'm sorry you won't be there but I look forward to meeting Jim from Beaumont. This time I will know to tell him when a team cancels! Love ya, Jane Woods