Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday ????

Yep -- today is my birthday!!!!

When Timothy called today he asked me how it felt to be 37 and I told him that 19 years ago it felt great!!!!!!

Monty -- what an amazing husband he is -- not only did he take me shopping to "pick out my own gift" he also picked up a card for me -- one that came from someone else!! :)

I have a brother who has been dumpster diving since before it had a name and so this photo was taken especially for him -- all in the family!

Seriously -- I haven't felt good all day. Some sort of bug I guess. It should be illegal to feel bad on ones birthday don't you think?

We did manage to have a nice dinner this evening -- leaving enough for Monty to have a midnight snack also. The one night I had planned on indulging in the most ridiculous dessert and . . . oh well.

Anyway -- I also send out a Happy Birthday to my super dear friend, Ellen! We share this special day and I miss spending it with her! Happy Birthday Ellen -- miss you and love you!

Until next time . . . thanks Mom (and Daddy!!!!!) -- for bringing me into this world!

Susan and Monty

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