Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's what day?

Here I am -- as if April 1st isn't enough of a shock -- it's Thursday?! Where did the week go?

Yesterday was spent at the UMCOR office, all of us all day, helping get paperwork organized. What a job it was but with all of us pitching in we got it done in one day! Each receipt copied and matched with each homeowner -- what a daunting task but we all have a new appreciation for Heidi who not only does this for here but also for the camp in Beaumont, Texas! Multi-tasking on an entirely new level!

Today Monty spent the day back at Brian and Carol's getting their newly purchased FEMA trailer properly strapped down to the county's requirements. The deadline was today and they made it. It also required the deck to be relocated and secured. Once again all those trailers Monty did as a kid and wondered why in the world he was doing that? God's perfect preparation!

I had to break down and purchase another printer as our little one we've loved for the past 5 years plus finally died! All I wanted was a small size printer, no fax, no scanner, no anything else -- and boy oh boy am I behind the times with that request! It took looking at 3 stores before finally finding one and although it's not as small as I would like, it works! Size is extremely important when your office area is also your eating area! Now I can get back to finishing our Easter newsletter and hopefully get them printed out and in the mail over the weekend. If you don't receive one and would like to please leave a comment on this blog with your info and I'll make sure you get one.

We are all "off" for tomorrow -- Good Friday. I have been searching for a local church so we can attend a worship service and am surprised at how many do not offer a service! All my life I have gone to church on Good Friday and I guess I need to search a bit further. I do hope all of you will find yourselves in a local service. It truly is a "good" Friday -- what if Jesus had decided He couldn't go through it? Where would we be? Scary thought!

Until next time . . . thank you Jesus!!! Susan and Monty

PS Almost forgot --- the neighbor's cat gave birth to 5 of the yellowist babies I've ever seen and the entire family is quite at home in the cat house we built for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sean C. said...

Good evening Monty and Susan, and Happy Easter!

Susan, I was part of the group that began the effort at Mel and Billie's (the infamous Texas chain-saw gang). Looks like tremendous progress has been made on their home. I will be part of a group from Catonsville UMC that will be going through Houston on April 10 to Lake Charles, and we plan on stopping by to see Mel and Billie. We also wondered if you are getting close to a date to dedicate the efforts made on their home. If you think that event will happen between April 10 and April 16, please let us know, as about half of our group worked on their home when the project started, and we would love to see the completion of the effort.

Best regards,