Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome Conroe, Texas

This PDA team is from Conroe, Texas - just a bit north of Houston. We welcomed them this morning for orientation and off to work they went.

They are divided between Lawrence and Arnesha and Collier and Justine. We took the tour of both homes first and then they divided themselves as they saw fit. One thing Monty and I learned a long time ago is that the dividing of teams is a God thing. This team seemed to get it worked out and were all busy hanging sheetrock when I checked on them.

This week we are sitting out of Joyce's in order to give her some rest. Going through a life time of memories in cleaning her garage last week wore her out and she was looking forward to some rest. We have a team coming in to work this Saturday and we'll put them back with her to hopefully get the water to the sink, the base trim and door trim on and then we'll be ready to send in the carpet layers!

It was good to hear a comment from our departing Michigan team letting us know they made it back before the bad weather set in. Those were some pretty rough storms and we thank God for getting them out ahead of them.

A special update on Tim - our brain surgery guy -- he now has the stitches out and had 2 full days of doctor appointments last week. Looks like he is heading toward chemotherapy to hopefully kill off the remaining part of the tumor that could not be removed with surgery. Please continue to keep he and Jenn and their upcoming baby in your prayers.

We hope you will continue to follow us this week. It's always special when nearly "hometown" folks come to help their own!

Until next time . . . who have you helped lately? Susan and Monty

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