Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thresa's House Blessing

We started her house around Jan 25th and today we officially blessed it and called it "home."
Thresa's house was packed with the volunteers we have this week and although they hadn't worked to rebuild her home they represented all those who did. It was especially nice for Rich who spent 3 weeks helping her rebuild and he was thrilled to see the results. Too bad Monroe wasn't there as his teams of Amish got the whole thing started!! It was great to have her family there and her mom was on the other end of the cell phone listening to the whole thing and even got the opportunity to thank everyone -- through all her tears of joy! It was an honor to be the hands and feet of Jesus and we know the blessings will continue long after the rebuilding!
Our teams had a busy day long before the house blessing started. The teens only worked half a day so they could go to Galveston for the afternoon and enjoy the beach. This evening Rich got a special deal and they all went to the Houston Astros baseball game! They earned it with all the hard work they are doing!
Our Michigan team kept at it all day. They nearly have all the windows in at Lawrence and Arnesha's and tomorrow will be putting some siding on. They are also installing insulation at the same time!
Joyce's team continued working on the kitchen cabinets and counter tops and are nearly done with both. The outside team worked with Monty in cutting down trees, clearing the last of the shed, digging a trench to repipe the plumbing from the house to the city line and digging post holes in preparation for the fencing. What a busy team and they are quite thankful for the sunny days and warm weather.
Tomorrow we have the leadership of our newest team arriving. They will tour the 3 jobs they will be working on over Friday and Saturday and Saturday we will have yet another team come for the day and join in with tomorrows new team. Confused???? Yes, keeping up with all of them is quite a challenge -- my nightmare is that I forget a team and yet they show up for orientation and I'm not prepared! :)
Be sure and stay tuned as Thursday is always the day where everyone is running full steam ahead!
Until next time . . . welcome home Thresa! We love you! Susan and Monty

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Thresa said...

There is no way, for me to Thank you, for all you and the teams have done...Ya have fulled my life with Joy again...I will never forget, each and everyone, who has been here, I love ya so much, Thank you....Thresa

Stay in touch,
PS.. on them bad days, come on over ;o)