Sunday, April 11, 2010


Last weeks team enjoying lunch in Joyce's side yard -- thanks for all the hard work and the blessings you left behind for all of us!!
Tim is improving each day after his brain surgery. The seizures are subsiding with the new meds, he has eaten a full meal and today is to be moved out of ICU into his own room. Please continue to pray for he and Jenn as they go through this rough time. Her baby is due in September and this has really tired her out as she is staying in the room with him 24/7.
Monty and I spent all day yesterday up in Houston for Early Response Training. It was quite interesting and we actually both passed the written testing at the end! Hopefully we will now receive our ID badges that will enable us to enter immediately after a storm. The nation is cracking down on who they let in right away and from now on anyone entering will need these badges to prove identification, to show they are affiliated with a viable organization and to also show that they have been trained and know what they are doing. Too many times people come in too early -- they mean well but actually end up being a problem and not a solution. It was an all day class but worth the time.
Today we are preparing for our incoming teams tomorrow morning. This week we have 3 teams, 1 through UMCOR and 2 through PDA. The total is around 35-40. It will be a great week as they will be working in Mel and Billie's, Joyce's, Jocelyn's, Thresa's, Kim's and Pastor Bob's church here in San Leon.
Be sure and stay tuned to see how each day progresses.
Until next time . . . don't forget your prayers!!!!!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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Martin said...

We worked on the initial demo at Mel and Billie's back in November. Several of us passed through on Saturday on the way to another project and were tremendously impressed with the progress. Sadly, Mel and Billie weren't home, but we follow the project on the blog and continue to keep you all in our prayers.