Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Welcome New York

I'm going to open this with a direct response to a comment from Sean -- I have no other way to answer him --- Sean --- so glad you are heading this direction and YES -- we are extremely close to finishing Mel and Billie's and just might have their house blessing by the end of next week. Please find someone who has my phone number and keep in touch with me. We would love to see a bunch of you back here to celebrate God's miracles with this house and family!

We trust all of you had a wonderful Easter. We were able to attend a local church service that was absolutely amazing and what an Easter celebration should be!

And then came Monday morning with our newest team all the way from New York! There are 10 of them and they are working between Mel and Billie's and Joyce's. For a Monday they were amazing as they went right to work with their projects and were rolling full steam ahead today.

Joyce located a friend of hers (photo) who was an amazing blessing today -- he not only donated his time to spray the popcorn texture on her family room ceiling -- he knew how to blow the glitter on it too! Yes, she had gold glitter on her ceiling and most definitely wanted it back that way. We thought of every way possible to do it ourselves and then she came up with "Sell" who was awesome. I think he had a blast with the volunteers also! Her health is fine and she was smiling from ear to ear at the progress. Sadly -- we did finally call in a professional plumber as her tub is still causing problems and I have thrown my hands up waving the white flag! She isn't concerned -- that's Joyce!
Mel and Billie are getting trim put up and a garden planted in front of their house. Their master bedroom is nearly complete and ready for the floors to be painted. Yes, we are painting their floors a beautiful brown and it should really set everything off. Billie made it back from an extended stay with her sister and was more than smiling when she saw her kitchen and how it's nearly all together! Good to have her back home!
In all of this we are still trying to come up with a solution with our insurance on the roof of our own trailer. I have to call them again Thursday and see where we are. Not fun!
On another note -- Thresa called me this morning asking for prayers for her brother. His health is extremely poor and causing quite a bit of stress throughout the family. Please keep them all in your prayers as God is in the business of working miracles and that's just what's needed here!
Tomorrow morning is my weekly UMCOR meeting and I hope all my ducks are in a row. We are working on scheduling with us and the PDA camp as they have quite a few teams coming in over the next weeks and we are trying to spread them throughout the area not only working with Monty and I but also on the island of Galveston and the south side of Houston. Thank the Lord they are still coming! What a great joint venture this has been -- Methodist and Presbyterian working together for the sole purpose of helping others! Jesus is pleased!
Until next time . . . help someone else and be blessed yourself! Susan and Monty

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