Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rollin' Rollin'

Morning came early and Monty was out the door headed to Ms Joyce's house to work on installing the new water heater. A couple of trips for parts and quite a few of Jeannie's team to help and the work was underway. But -- just getting to it in her garage took a half days work! We'll have a team in there next week to sort and organize and toss and save -- it's piled to the ceiling thanks to her kids and them needing "storage." The guys made progress and the work will continue tomorrow.
Meanwhile the women were installing -- and completed -- her kitchen flooring. The painting of decorations also continued and is amazing!
The men were installing the bath vanity and getting it plumbed in.
By the late afternoon they were planning on starting the installation of her kitchen cabinets when my phone rang informing me the main base cabinet was broken! Guess where I'll start my day tomorrow? I called Lowes and they'll have the new one at the door and ready for me first thing in the morning! I also managed to get her fencing materials ordered for the team next week. She had 350 feet of fencing all around and Ike managed to destroy it all so here we come! She is thrilled at the thought of some privacy again!
The team completed the repair work at Pastor Bob's church and I hope to capture a photo tomorrow! Thanks so much team!
I never made it to Lawrence and Arnesha or Thresa's -- not enough time in the day -- especially when I had to make my very, very overdue dentist appointment! I hate to admit that I hadn't had my teeth cleaned in nearly 3 years and although that went very well they found 2 back teeth completely cracked and in need of crowns! And we have no insurance! But the dentist is giving me a break as they are right here local and understand what we are doing so once again God is providing! Thank you Lord -- Your perfect provision!
Tomorrow is the last day for all the teams and always filled with all sorts of happenings so be sure and stay tuned!
Until next time . . . remember to be a blessing to others! Susan and Monty

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