Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 5, Day 1 and a House Blessing

First thing on the schedule this morning was orientation with our Austin, Texas team of 24. The winds were blowing and the skies threatening but we gathered and they went off to 3 locations, helping each team that was already there on their day 5 and final day.
Part went to Collier and Justine's where they helped insulate and sheetrock.
Another group went to Lawrence and Arnesha's where they also insulated and worked on exterior siding.
The final group went to Joyce's to help with the clean up of the garage and the fencing going all around the property.
Each of the teams joined right in with the ones on day 5 so they could continue the work tomorrow and also prepare for the next incoming teams on Monday. You would have thought they had all worked together all their lives! Amazing!
Monty was back at Joyce's to pick up yet another load of trash for the nearest dumpster and by tomorrow there will be another load! They are really getting things cleaned out and in the process finding priceless things from the past. Underneath it all was a church pew -- the one Joyce was saved on! With a little TLC and restoration . . . my oh my!
And then everyone was excited about the house blessing scheduled for Mel and Billie's. Even though most of the teams had not met them they were standing in for all those teams who put their hearts and souls into rebuilding and could not be here. The team of youth and their leaders who completed the punch list this week did an absolutely fantastic job and the house was beautiful! You can see the kitchen in the background of the photo of Billie and I.
You can also see by the first photo just how many people were there! The house literally overflowed with family, friends and neighbors -- clear out into both the back yard and front yard!
The camp manager of the PDA camp - Jane - came and gifted them with a beautiful flowering plant. The very first team who ever worked there sent a wonderful bouquet of purple flowers. Friends brought gifts for the bath and kitchen -- all in blue!
It was both awesome and yet sad to see the rebuilding come to an end. The entire process took 6 months and it seemed like 6 weeks!
I do know Mel was ready to cook on his new stove and they both --- not to mention their cat -- will be glad to have some peace and quiet in the house now!
We are so thankful to God for allowing all of us to represent Him and His perfect love! Lives rebuilt by rebuilding homes! What an awesome God we serve and we are humbled to do so on a daily basis!
Thanks to all who loved this family back into their "home."
Until next time . . . where we once again start the day with an orientation with 2 more teams coming to spend the day . . .
Welcome Home Mel and Billie! We love you! Susan and Monty

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