Monday, April 12, 2010

Tim is HOME!!!!

Brain surgery on Thursday and home on Monday -- isn't God awesome!!
As per the above photos -- this is the look you get when you're the new puppy and stuck in a box while volunteers come and gut your home; and that's the look you get when you're "the man" and a new puppy arrives in your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawrence and Arnesha's dogs!
They all arrived ready to go this morning at orientation. They came from Colorado, Nebraska, California and all over -- a total count of 35 for the week.
Jeannie and Rob are returnees with their church team. They are part of the Nomads, a traveling group of folks from the Methodist churches that go around the country helping others. They spent weeks on the island and now are back with their church group and we are thrilled to have them back with us. They are working between Mel and Billie's and Joyce's. They are assuring me that we will be having a House Blessing for Mel and Billie this Friday!? Go Team!
Joyce will be getting kitchen flooring this week and maybe a start on her cabinets.
Other groups are finishing up at Jocelyn's with blinds, a ceiling crack and some window and garage door work. When they finish there they will be off to Pastor Bob's church where they will be patching some ceiling sheetrock. If they get time by the end of the week they will head to Janey and Logan's to finish their skirting around the trailer. Busy, busy!
Another group is at Thresa's and will also finish this week. Another House Blessing just around the corner! They were flooring, plumbing, painting and all sorts of things. Really pouring it on in the final stretch.
And yet another group started a new home today, for Lawrence and Arnesha. They had already done alot of work on their own but when the funding ran dry they didn't know where to turn. They know now! The team was gutting the kitchen and garage areas that were filled with mold and also working on a nasty plumbing problem that had them digging quite the trench just to locate the problem. Tomorrow they will be renting a cement saw and cutting up the slab to really get in to the plumbing!
A really busy Monday. Traveling from job takes me from Bacliff to San Leon to Texas City to LaMarque to Santa Fe!! It's not all that far from one to the other but visiting them all in one day and every day keeps my tires rolling!
We are so thankful for all your prayers for Tim and Jenn and ask that they continue as he will have a lengthy road of healing ahead of him. We thank God for His Almightly healing power and know He will continue to bless them both -- and the new baby on the way!
Until next time . . . bless someone else tomorrow! Susan and Monty

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