Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Special Talents

God always sends us just who we need when we need them -- this photo is a great example.

Ms Joyce was blessed with hand painted windows in the door that leads from her family room to her kitchen -- sunflowers!!!!!!!!!! Her kitchen was literally covered with sunflowers before we gutted it and she was thrilled when the team had a special surprise volunteer who not only knows how to paint but teaches others! It's absolutely beautiful and will be a visible reminder of all the teams who have been and will be working in her home!

Some other team members got the skirting on Janey and Logan's home and we are finally pronouncing it "done."

They also finished Jocelyn's house and Monty even made it by to pick up the extra pieces of materials. Jocelyn is thrilled and wants to do some volunteering herself! All she has to do is give me a call and I'll put her to work!

Another new project was also started today -- the repairs on Pastor Bob's church ceiling. Their air conditioner had leaked over time and damaged the ceiling. I kept telling them that we would be happy to repair it when the leaking was stopped and it's now stopped so by this Sunday the congregation will no longer have to see the damage located just above the altar area! Good job team!

Mel and Billie's floors are being painted and general cleaning underway. We already have set their House Blessing for NEXT Friday late afternoon so next weeks team will be spit shining and cleaning and making it double awesome! Their appliances should also arrive next week - just in time.

Thresa's progress continues and this Friday will also be our last day there! What a transformation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawrence and Arnesha are making headway with the plumbing -- after digging up the trench completely around the house and flushing the lines to unclog and start repiping! It's a nasty job and far from clean but this team has literally "dug in" and have no limits to the blessings they are pouring out. I got the windows and insulation ordered today as the electrician only needs a couple more days to have the house completely rewired! Busy, busy, busy! I even noticed the neighbor sitting outside in his wheelchair taking photos of all the activity!

Everyone showing God's love without saying a word -- and people watch -- and people see -- and people believe!!!

"Love your neighbor as yourself" but into action!

Until next time . . . how about your neighbor? Susan and Monty

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