Thursday, April 08, 2010

Surgery is over!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, his surgery is over! He is doing well in ICU. It lasted nearly 8 hours and they were able to remove the front part of the tumor but the back part has a vein covering it and so he will undergo radiation treatments when he is feeling better. For now he is resting and shows no signs of speech problems-- God is an awesome God! We've all hung on the updates that came throughout the day and are relieved that it is now over! Thanks so much for all your prayers and please keep them going as there is a long road ahead.

With the extremely strong winds that came through last night the clouds went away and left room for the clearest sunshine and much cooler temps for the day. The teams enjoyed lunch together at Joyce's house, all laying outside in the sunshine and soaking it all in.

The texture and glitter is now gracing Joyce's kitchen ceiling and she can't stop smiling! Mr Sell did an amazing job and we are so thankful for his time and blessings! She is also thrilled with the new shade of blue walls in her bathroom and can't wait to get her fish motif back up. It's coming together and she can see the progress and is so happy!

The other part of the team continues working away at Mel and Billie's. The flower garden in the front was getting a brick trim wall around it while the floors were getting a fresh coat of paint that really sets off the rooms. Trim is going in all around and it's painted to match the walls so it's quite the complete look.

This afternoon I made a visit to Ms Marie's house. I was asked to go and measure for a ramp on the front of her home and a deck area with steps on the back. What I found was enough to bring tears to my eyes! Ms Marie has only one leg and is confined to a wheelchair. Her house is anything but handicapped accessible and is literally falling apart around her. The ceilings are leaking and falling in. Her kitchen cabinets are falling off the walls and the kitchen itself is so small she can only get out by pushing her wheelchair backwards. She told me how difficult it is for her to reach the stove and when she has pots on it she can't see what's inside of them while cooking. Last week she dropped an entire pot of hot water in her lap and got burned. Her bathroom is even worse. She also has to back out of it and getting in the tub is nearly impossible as she has to balance herself and get in at the same time. She does have a nurse who stays with her but even she can only do so much in that environment. The ramp and deck are the least of her worries. I got her connected with an organization where she can try and qualify for the newest funding available where she might be able to get a new home. Please pray for her as mentally she is struggling and feels abandoned. She said the only thing keeping her going was her faith -- and she promised me she would never lose that! If only we could . . .

And the update on our trailer --- it's totalled and we are now looking at the options we have.

Until next time . . . we thank Jesus for this day of renewed life for Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan and Monty

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