Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More on the way

Yep -- 2 days and no pictures! We can always hope for tomorrow! :)

Our 2 teams of sheetrockers are working away -- but one team decided to divert a bit and repair the subfloors in Collier and Justine's -- and boy am I glad! They've got floors falling through and this means that when the taping and floating of the sheetrock does happen no one will fall through the floor in the process!

Lawrence and Arnesha's team are continuing hanging the sheetrock on the ceilings and that's quite a tough job. Working over your head all day isn't easy. And with Lawrence down in the back -- he reached just the wrong way yesterday and is a mess. He will be going to the chiropractor tomorrow and hopefully will get some relief. Meanwhile the team also has the new hot water heater installed and when the gas is turned back on they will actually have hot water. We are also in the process of getting bids for a new roof. The first one was a bit too high so a couple more are in the works after today.

Monty has spent the past 2 days installing new garage doors for another family. That is also a tough job, especially when you are doing it alone. He is enjoying himself though as the house is directly on the bay and I think he wishes he had his fishing pole! :)

My afternoon was spent getting some belated medical testing done and all came back fine and dandy. Now all they need to do is get the results back home to my own doctor and everyone will be on the same page!

Tomorrow morning we orientate another team. Their leaders arrived late this afternoon and took a quick tour of the jobs they will be working on. They will divide into 2 teams and join the 2 already working. They told me that sheetrock is their speciality so here it is . . . ready to go.

Until next time . . . what's your speciality and have you used it to bless others?
Susan and Monty

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