Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trash hauling day

Early this morning Monty was out and getting the dump trailer ready to go on a road trip. We had accumulated quite a bit of trash at Thresa's and with the new gutting at Lawrence and Arnesha's it took alot of hands and a couple of dumpsters. We don't put dumpsters at every site so we utilize the ones we do have and do some traveling if need be.
Both teams were really helpful in loading the debris into the trailer and then out of the trailer and into the dumpsters. And needless to say -- both yards were very improved by being able to clean them up!
The other photo you see is of Jeannie and her team of ladies (her husband was there also but outside when we snapped the photo) with Ms Joyce and her grandson. They are cleaning and preparing her kitchen floor to be ready to start the tile tomorrow.
The team at Mel and Billie's are doing all sorts of things from wiring the disposal to sheetrocking the old window areas in the laundry room to painting more flooring. They are all over the place, each with a task and all doing well.
Lawrence and Arnesha are getting the hang of using the jack hammer to bust up the slab floor to redo the plumbing in the house. It's a tough job and makes such a tremendous mess but necessary when you have a slab floor and storm damaged plumbing pipes. They are also on task and working away and should have it all dug up tomorrow.
The team at Jocelyn's finished! Yes, she is complete and very happy! They wrapped up all the final details and all we need to do now is make a run and pick up the odds and ends left over! Thanks to all the teams who worked so hard in transforming her house into a home!
The skies have been crystal clear and the winds keeping the temps in the high 80s. Each team is really enjoying every minute of it and we are hoping the showers they have in the forecast won't make it here to the coastline.
I also hear that Tim is home and doing well. We are hoping to get to visit them over this weekend. Thanks again for all the prayers! Now they both just need to get some much needed rest!
Until next time . . . a miracle is just a prayer that's been answered! Susan and Monty

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