Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 6

The ice cream truck struck gold when they stopped at Joyce's this afternoon -- just what the teams needed to give them that extra push on a Saturday afternoon!!!
Although the weather was forecast to be rainy God had other plans. The winds blew and brought in a nice front with sunshine and lower humidity and temps in the low 80s - perfect for a Saturday work day.
Orientation welcomed 2 fairly local teams, one from Pearland and one from Huntsville. Pearland headed to Kim's to help install flooring and Huntsville went to Joyce's to continue clearing out the garage and attic space above it and work some more on the fence surrounding her property. You can see the men at the fence working hard to make sure it's level and straight. The garage is now cleaned out which required Monty and trailer to make 2 more trips to the local dumpster. Ms Joyce was also shocked to see the structural damage to the ceiling joists in her garage -- the weight of everything stored up there actually broke some of the joists! Guess what next weeks team will be working on?
Our team from Austin continued their work today both at Joyce's and Collier and Justine's. They were hanging sheetrock at Collier and Justine's and even though I am writing this early evening they are still working away on the ceilings. I spoke with Justine to let her know another team would be arriving on Monday morning and she was both excited and yet sad -- sad to see these and the teens that worked there all week go home. I assured her she would grow to love each new team and yes -- it's always tough to see them leave! She was thrilled at the progress and when I asked her to make a trip to Lowes to pick the color of her counter top she was even more excited. We always purchase the ones directly off the shelves but it's still nice to have the homeowner select the pattern they would like.
Austin team also continued their work with Lawrence and Arnesha -- you can see the new siding they are installing. What an amazing job both inside and out. The insulation inside is nearly complete and they were waiting for the delivery truck to arrive with the sheetrock. Such energy and hearts of service!
Day 6 was just a packed full as days 1 through 5. Next week will be the same with a team arriving to work Monday through Friday and another arriving to work Thursday through Saturday! Each day brings us closer to more house blessings!
On a side note -- a prayer request for Rosaland and her family. Her daughter and family (quite a few children) lost everything they own - and their home - to a house fire! Everyone got out okay but the daughter had to reach inside a window from the outside to reach one of the children! Please keep them all in your prayers.
Until next time . . . I want to wish a Happy Birthday to both my son and my father in law as they both share a birthday tomorrow! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you, to hug you and to tell you how much we love you both but . . .
Be blessed and bless someone else! Make their day! Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, Just wanted to let you know that we made it home alright. We left La Marque at 3:30 am and missed the tornadoes in Mississippi by about 2 hours. We kind of felt like we should turn around and go back, with our trailer full of tools, but the laundry could have stood on its own so we continued home. Thanks for all you do.
Kevin from Michigan

Anonymous said...

You keep mentioning PDA. Tell us all how you work with them please.

Rick Carpenter from Huntsville (we'll be coming back!)