Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where are we?

It took an entire day for us to even get outside -- we slept most all of yesterday and my oh my was that needed! If any of you know me you know that's just not me -- but it was yesterday and we both felt much better today.
Although we weren't awake in time for the breakfast served here we did get up and out for lunch and took a trip to a nearby cave that Monty had found a brochure on. It was quite the trip! Where we are from in Indiana we have numerous caves and we even took a trip many years ago to Cave City in Kentucky where Mammoth Cave is. This one was not a disappointment at all!
If you click on the larger photo you might see what we saw - and the guide said everyone sees it -- the Nativity scene! It's absolutely amazing and beautiful way beyond what this photo can show. With Christmas only 10 days away it was very moving. Hope you can see the fine details also.
Until next time . . . remember the real reason for this season! Susan and Monty

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