Monday, December 28, 2009

The blessings of Garland

They came in with the winds -- very cold winds very early this morning. Some thought to bring coats, others are teens and "weather proof" in their own minds!
First United Methodist Church of Garland, Texas sent us 40 of their best! Today was proof!
Ralph and Laura have some really big, really bad trees completely gone and subflooring in their living area in preparation for their vinyl flooring. Their smiles to the team as they pulled away at the end of the day spoke volumes.
Hsilda is getting her wood flooring installed and the kids are amazing! They told me they had done it before and they weren't kidding. Look at their smiles!
Allan and Rosemary are getting sheetrock both hung and taped and mudded in preparation for priming. They even had a fire in their fireplace roaring hot for the team! OOOPPPSSSS -- I wasn't supposed to let the other team members know!! :)
Jose' and Blanca also got some dead trees taken down and preparations for the back steps to be built tomorrow. Their ramp railing will also be completed with the last of the side rails. Jose' came out this morning and just sat and watched the team -- complete with a very broad smile.
Robert is also getting some back steps built. As I drove by Mariano and Maria's this morning I noticed that their FEMA trailer had been removed ---- yea!!!! And when FEMA removes them they leave the decks and steps they build for them. This team made a bee line there, dismantled that deck and steps and moved them to Robert's to cut cost on lumber needed! Quite the crew! And now their shoes are good and muddy in preparation for tomorrow!
I also made a stop to check on Martha and she was still in the Christmas spirit just thinking of the gifting of the washer and dryer coming from one of the teams past! She did tell me that the ambulance had made a visit to them last night -- she is epileptic and had a very severe seizure during the night. It was bad enough to scare Steven and he called 911. She is fine today but rather tired and getting some much needed rest. Please pray for her.
Speaking of prayers -- if you remember (or read back last year about this time) Richard and Peggy? We did alot of work in their home and had a wonderful house blessing for them. Richard suffers from lung problems and has only gotten worse this fall and winter. He just called me a few minutes ago and is in the hospital quite ill. He is also quite scared but felt better when I told him I would be putting a prayer request out through the blog -- he and Peggy both need our prayers. He said she is scared at all the testing they are putting him through. It's a tough situation and they will greatly appreciate your intense prayers!
And a personal request -- Monty has been quite sick with a cold that has also found its way to his lungs. It started on Christmas evening and isn't getting much better. Today he has slept most all day and hopes tomorrow will show some improvement. With your prayers he will improve and I will escape the whole thing.
Garland is here for 3 days so be sure and stay tuned for the next 2.
Until next time . . . bless someone today! Susan and Monty

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