Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They beat the rains

The weather threatened all day. The forecast was for wet, very wet. Doesn't make any difference to a team of youth - they were ready to go and bundled up a bit more than yesterday since the clouds kept the temps in the 40s.
Jose' was so thrilled to see the final pieces of deck railing going up and his dead trees coming down. He told me Blanca had been in the hospital last week and was home but in bed. He must have thanked me a dozen times -- the thanks goes to the teams!
Robert also stopped by as we were getting to his house. He also was happy to see the back landing and steps going in and got a kick out of the recycling done to get them built. This team also recycled a bit more today -- we had about 13 bags of Quickcrete that was on another site where we had it covered with tarps and such. With the terrible rains the water came in from the bottom and all the bags were solid concrete. We didn't know exactly how we were going to use them but this team did. They used them to build a wall for Robert's back steps and so what we thought was waste God turned into use -- kind of sounds like us personally doesn't it?!
Allan was anxious for lunchtime to come with his team as he and his wife had cooked up some homemade vegetable soup with the works. And once again the fireplace was keeping things warm. I asked the team if they had told the other groups about their fireplace and they admitted they had to tell -- the glouting was too good to pass up!
Hsilda's flooring is going in well with a second team working in the family room while the others finished the hall and 2 of the 3 bedrooms. We also used some of the youth and their strength to move in the base trim to her house so we can be ready for the next team or George will start himself when the flooring is complete.
Another day that had us running back and forth and thankful that all of these jobs are literally blocks apart. Thank goodness for small towns! And with only 2 trips for supplies we were able to spend more time on each job which is always great for us.
You saw I said "us" -- when you all pray you just don't know the power you have! Monty was up before me this morning and ready to go and check jobs with me!!! He is feeling much better and as far as I can tell every single cell in my body is fighting to stay healthy so thanks for the powerful prayers and don't stop now!
Until next time . . . bless someone secretly today! Susan and Monty

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