Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time Off

Yes, the title is correct --we are taking some time away from working this week. One thing we heard over and over again while we were in missions training school was that we should be taking time away -- time away from the work and the area we are working in. Some say we should be taking a break every 3 months -- I just want to know how that is possible?

This week is our time away and next week UMCOR is closed -- yes, closed for the holiday! What a fantastic idea -- not only for us working but mostly for the homeowners. They need some sort of "normalcy" in life, even if it's far from what they are used to.

Since the only thing we've seen in Texas was where we have been for the past 14 months we have ventured out a bit and will hopefully have some photos of where we are -- maybe you can try and guess where it is?

We would have loved to have gone home for the holidays, home to families and friends. But traveling for 2 days in my small truck with both dogs is more than difficult. If only we had a bigger and more reliable truck . . .?

As the song says, we'll be home in spirit and hope all our families understand.

In the meantime -- we hope to see some sights, get some rest, eat a bit and rest a bit more.

Be sure and stay tuned to see how well that plan works out! :)

Until next time . . . bless someone you don't really know . . . as a surprise!
Susan and Monty

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Mrs. Davis said...

I continue to be amazed by the work you do.......but then I shouldn't work for an amazing boss......Almighty God.

Enjoy your time away....refresh and recharge your personal batteries......I can't imagine being so far from family, but the families lives you have touched is a shining example for all .

God bless you and Monty..........
Jeri Davis Sunset UMC Pasadena TX