Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mission San Jose'

It might have been cloudy and cold and drizzling but we headed out and went to both the Alamo and Mission San Jose'. Both were amazing and filled with such history!
The Alamo had a narrator who told the story and it was facinating! We get used to the history of where we live and hearing about someplace else is always interesting.
From there we were off to one of the 5 missions still remaining here. Mission San Jose' was awesome! We were able to see where they all lived, surrounded by walls and the church being the center of life. A lesson we could all live by?! They still hold church services in the sanctuary and are having a true live nativity program over the weekend. It really touches my heart to see how people lived, how they fought for not only their freedom but our own!
If time would have permitted we would have gone to another mission but with the clouds the darkness came early, along with traffic. Maybe in a couple of days we can return. There's always been something moving about entering old churches -- I can literally "feel" the presence of the Lord!
And at this time of year it's even more special and moving.
Until next time . . . bless someone else today! Susan and Monty

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