Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thunderous Return

It's Christmas Eve -- a beautiful church we found on our trip. A reminder of where our hearts should be this evening.
We returned home yesterday very late afternoon, just in time to find out our water into the camper trailer was leaking at the outlet and at the trailer itself. Monty tried and tried to patch and repair but it just wasn't going to happen. A trip to Walmart, a new hose and some fittings and we were back in working order late that evening.
Along with that water problem came the weather forecast -- heavy rains with storms! They weren't kidding. We tried to get to bed early knowing that living in a trailer makes each raindrop sound like eighteen. And sure enough, at 4 am the thunder rolled, the lightning struck and the winds rocked this trailer like never before! It was one of those times when we wonder if we should leave or stay and then realize we can't even get out the door! The winds were whipping so hard from the north, the way the front door faces, that we couldn't have gotten out if we tried. Within 30 minutes the storm had passed, leaving who knows how much water behind! The yard next door is now a swimming pool! And the winds have now died down to around 35 - 40 miles per hour! Yes -- that is died down!!!!
Most of the rest of the morning was spent getting things ready for our incoming volunteers Monday morning. There are to be around 38 of them so quite a few homeowners will be getting some help right after Christmas. We plan on working in Allan's, Robert's, Hsilda's, Martha's, Janey's, Ralph and Laura's and Jose' and Blanca's. All sorts of things will be getting done and we are thankful to this team for taking their holiday vacation time to come and bless others.
Tonight we are heading to one of our favorite churches for their late candlelight and communion service. As a young adult we went to the late services like that and they were always special to me. If only we could be in our home church . . .
We pray all of you have a wonderful day tomorrow, a day filled with more blessings that you could have possibly imagined -- not just in tangible gifts -- but in ways you never dreamed of!
We thank God for this awesome and holy night!!
Until next time . . . have the merriest of Christmases! Susan and Monty

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