Friday, December 11, 2009

They did it!

Our UMCOR team at our Christmas luncheon -- what a crew -- what a family!!
Jack and his team got 'er done! Well, almost. The next incoming team right after Christmas will only have a couple of rails to do and the deck and handicapped ramp will be complete! They did an amazing job of working with the existing, reinforcing what was and rebuilding what needed to be rebuilt. Jose' even made it to the house today (they have been staying with family this week) and as he walked up and down the ramp he couldn't stop smiling! It is finally safe, no more fears of falling through or falling off as they push both he and Blanca up and down. And now it's even extended so all they need to do is pull the van up in the drive and the ramp is right there waiting for them next to the van.
Our deepest thanks to all of Jack's team. There were team members who came and went all week and we are grateful to them for taking time from their own busy schedules, especially this holiday season, to come and be such a great blessing to Jose', Blanca and their family! We hope they will be back to do it again sometime soon.
This morning Monty and I met Ms Rosaland at the building inspection office to make sure we are following all their codes and rules. It gave us the opportunity to meet those in charge and to introduce ourselves. Since we are a non profit organization we will not be charged for the building permit. We look forward to working with them as each location has its own set of rules and getting familiar with them is always a learning experience.
We also are thrilled to let all of you know that Mel and Billie will be getting an entirely new roof on their home starting Monday morning, weather permitting! Matt and his crew fit the bill and will start by tearing off the existing 4 layers, yes - 4, and then doing quite a bit of structural work before laying new decking and tar paper and shingles. It's the first step in their transformation and we are excited to be starting!
Another week has passed and another homeowner and their family blessed and thankful! And it's not even Christmas yet!
Until next time . . . bless someone else and feel the love! Susan and Monty

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