Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Luncheon

With temps a bit cooler, the sun shining and a northerly breeze the team was up and out and fed and ready to work.

I was faxing and delivering materials early also and then both Monty and I headed off north for our weekly UMCOR meeting. We had it later than usual this week so we could take care of business and then have our Christmas lunch together. Eddie chose a wonderful place and we all had a really good time. The desserts sent us all over the edge but each of us loved the fall! We just can't tell you how blessed we are to be a part of such a family!

After the lunch it was time to head out and check on Jack and the team. They have done this work many times and know Alan quite well so he decided to stop by and visit with all of them. When we stopped by the laughter could be heard down the street! Again -- family!!!

The deck and ramp is coming along very well. They are even reinforcing the existing deck! I have a few materials to pick up in the morning for them for that bracing and then they will be starting on the flooring and railing. Jose' and Blanca are getting closer each day to being safe in their own home! Something we all take for granted.

Lowes also delivered flooring and a variety of materials to Ralph and Laura's this morning so they can keep going on their own until the next group of volunteers.

Tomorrow we will meet up with Art who will be doing the same thing.

Our plan for this evening is to play "Santa" to Mariano, Maria and the kids. When we were there a few days ago they had their tree up but nothing underneath it. Thanks to some funding and a special gift from Pastor Bob to little Mariano we have quite a truck load of things to take to them -- all a surprise. I hope to have photos for tomorrow.

On a sadder note, early this morning there was a huge explosion at one of the chemical plants near us. All of the sudden we heard a very loud bang, the trailer shook and the smoke looked like a mushroom cloud overhead. From the news reports there were only a couple of people slightly injured and they are still gathering details. I haven't seen smoke like that - ever!

A day of variety -- a day of family in all sorts of ways and a day to be reminded of our blessings!

Until next time . . . bless someone else and feel the love! Susan and Monty

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