Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas All Around

There's just no better way to see the countryside than on horseback!
Yesterday was one of those days where God showed me that Christmas is all around, no matter where we are or what we are doing!
We received word that our Las Vegas team is coming back in a couple of weeks to spread more blessings through their work. Some will fly in and some others are driving and bringing their own camper. I can't believe it's been a year since we've seen them.
Another call came -- one of the team members that helped put in Steven and Martha's kitchen and flooring said he has some Christmas money left over and wants to purchase a washer and dryer for them!!! He has to be Santa Claus! He already had a set picked out and because they are within driving distance he will pick them up and deliver them directly to their home -- like I said -- an angel for sure!
Still another call comes in saying the additional funding we needed to purchase the flooring for Hsilda and George was approved. This means that our team coming in directly after Christmas will be installing flooring and Hsilda will be close to finished and moving back home! Hopefully we can get it ordered and delivered right on time.
Ralph and Laura also called saying they would be ready for those same volunteers to come and install their flooring. They are using peel and stick vinyl tiles and it's getting to their knees. The team will be an amazing blessing to Ralph and Laura also.
While we are away Mel and Billie are getting their brand new roof -- the start of their rebuilding process! Not only are the 4 layers of shingles coming off and the broken ridge beam being replaced and repaired, they are getting the structural changes needed to make their home and safe home. This starts the process and means we will be getting volunteers in to reframe for new windows, new exterior siding and then move inside! Hold on Mel and Billie -- God is about to open the windows of heaven just for you!!!
And then I hear from my mother telling me that one of my dear childhood friends who I haven't seen in I can't (and won't) tell you how many years has her own horse ranch about an hour from where we are working in San Leon!! She and I used to dream big dreams when we were little girls, both of us loved horses and she took her dream and made it reality and I am so excited to get in touch with her after the holidays and hopefully do some making of our dreams come true very soon!
Today is also a day where my heart is truly home -- our church gift wrap day is today! Our Vineyard church has for nearly 20 years now chosen a Saturday near Christmas and set up camp at the local mall and wrapped gifts for free -- no donations allowed -- totally free! Each year our total number of gifts wrapped nears the 1,000 mark -- all in 14 hours! I have spent the past years ordering the materials and getting the volunteers signed up, some take multiple shifts and some stay nearly all day, which becomes my Christmas day. To see the smiles, the faces of unbelief that it's really free, to see the tears when they realize it is free, to feel their love and thanks IS Christmas! Last year we were here and unable to be there and the same this year. Both years Pastor Dave's daughter, Susie, has stepped up and done an amazing job. This year is going to be tough for her as she is in early stages of pregnancy and not feeling well at all. Oh do I wish I could be there today -- but -- God has other plans and we are blessed in so many ways it's impossible to count.
We are so thankful for all our blessings -- and also thankful that home still tugs at our hearts!
Blessings flowing in all directions, in all states and in all cities, in all forms, shapes and sizes -- some anticipated and still others a complete surprise. All orchestrated by God -- the Almighty and Perfect planner!
We all hear and see the "slogan" this time of year -- "Jesus is the Reason for the season" -- be aware this season and look for Him all around you!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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