Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pushing Forward

It took some bundling up this morning! The north winds kicked up and the clouds moved in to make it a quite brisk day to work. Atleast it wasn't 98 degrees!
The men were hard at it when we arrived to check in. They were laying the deck boards across the ramp and making plans for the hand rails. They sent us back to Lowes to get some bracing to sturdy up the existing deck area. By the time we returned they had made great progress and that continued through the day and into the early evening. With the threat of rain for tomorrow they worked until it was too dark to see. We are praying the rains will hold off so they can finish it all tomorrow.
We also met Art at Lowes this morning for him to get more materials. He is really close to finishing and needed some final items. He thinks the last thing will be some guttering, which is a good idea since he is quite high in the air. He laughed when he told of going up the stairs in a pouring rain! Guttering will take care of the extra shower he gets as he walks up!
Another trip to Lowes was needed mid afternoon to get more bracing. Like I said, they are doing a wonderful job and making sure it will be "safe, sanitary and secure" - the guidelines straight from FEMA.
I also talked with one of our incoming teams, the ones coming in the week after Christmas. They have increased their numbers to 38 volunteers!! It is our hope to get alot of the remainder of things completed on quite a few homes over the 3 days they are here.
The schedule of volunteers looks good starting in January and running through the spring -- but -- remember -- we always need more! The more work that needs done the more volunteers we need to get it done. So as you look closer to the new year knocking on our door ... we'd love to have you come and share some life changing blessings!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty
PS Also a wonderful note in regard to our disaster recovery work we did while in Columbus, Indiana during the summer of 2008---one of the case managers has written a book about his experience and it looks to be awesome. Eric met with Monty and I very early on and felt God was directing him to write about his experiences he was about to have. Eric wasn't sure how to go about doing such and thing and Monty's advice touched his heart and he went with it "just write about your personal experience, from your heart" and it can't fail. Eric called today to say the book is now complete and he has it for sale in some local stores and will be doing book signings within the next weeks. I hope to have a link to his website very soon so you too can take a look at it and maybe purchase one for yourself? Very early on Eric vowed that a percentage of his sales would be donated to our ministry so let's all support both Eric and this ministry of disaster recovery! Stay tuned for more info. Good Job Eric!!! We love you and we miss you!!!!

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