Saturday, December 05, 2009

Record Low Temp

Yes, when the temps dip to a record low of 22 degrees even Samson had to have on a shirt to keep warm! He's a Chinese Crested Hairless anyway so he really !! doesn't like the cold.

And then there was morning, the sun shone brightly all day and it was beautiful, temps nearing 50. Yea God!

Yesterday we were all told to not travel and do any work that would take us out on the roads. The rain was an icy rain most of the day and yes -- we disobeyed and got out on the roads. I have 4 wheel drive and yes -- I know that doesn't help in ice but we were fine. Most of the real snow was up around Houston and north of them. We were in before dark when the roads did freeze and cause total chaos this morning for those traveling.

Last evening we received a call from Mariano's that they weren't able to keep warm, even with their new heating and air unit. The problem? There is no insulation in their ceilings! We have been waiting for the company who would blow in insulation for free but when I called them for this family I was informed that they are out of funds for the time being. So off to Lowes we went and returned with a couple of ceramic heaters until the ceiling insulation can be delivered on Monday and Mariano will put it in. We were able to get a real deal on the thicker, 10 1/2 inches thick, so they should be great in a couple of days. Lets just pray it doesn't get that cold here again as the heaters were flying off the shelves. Most people down here don't even have heat!

Bright and early our Lowes delivery truck was on the road and had our materials for Jose's deck building team come Monday. Now if the weather will hold we will have a great deck and ramp going real soon.

Monty's truck came out of the shop today. He had thought he was going to tackle the rebuild himself but with no tools and no place to work and then add the weather it just wasn't possible. They did a good job and we thank them for putting it as a priority.

I have been working on our Christmas newsletter the past couple of days. For those of you who have donated funds to us at one time or another, you are already on my list and should be receiving one soon. For the rest of you, if you would like one please leave your mailing info in the comments here. I won't post the comments with personal information so it will be fine. But if you keep up with the blog you already know everything that is going on anyway.

I also have been working on getting gifts ready to mail to my kids and grandkids. No, we won't be home for the holidays so I need to get things lined up and mailed in enough time to be there on time. It's really tough to think about not being there, not sharing the holiday meal, the laughter and the love but it's just the way it has to be. It's just too far to travel for only a few days to be there.

We hope all of you are doing well with your gifts and planning. Let's all do the best we can to keep focused on the real reason for the season -- it's Jesus's birthday -- remember?

Until next time . . . bless someone tomorrow. Susan and Monty

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