Tuesday, December 08, 2009

He Really Is Happy

With the fog so dense one could hardly see this morning the team decided they wanted to finish what they started with painting the rooms at the church housing them this week. When we stopped to see them the once black walls were anything but black! Not only were they painting but they were also assembling the new bunk beds and were ready to help with the delivery of a new hot water heater so they would have hot showers!
As I took the pictures I asked Jack to turn and smile and "look like you're happy" to which he responded that he truly WAS happy - thus the title of tonights blog! :)
Tomorrow they will be returning to Jose's deck and ramp and they will be joined with some new arrivals of team members. Yes, the ground is more than muddy, water standing all over the place - but - they have their plan and they are on a mission. It will be fun to watch the progress tomorrow.
Monty and I spent the morning with another roof estimator who looked at both Rosalind's and Mel and Billie's homes. We hope to have his results in a day or two and then will be able to make a selection and start moving forward.
Before we went to Rosalind's we stopped by the professional engineers office to pick up the official paperwork we need to take and get her building permit. Hopefully we will be doing that Thursday. There are alot of criteria that we must follow to the letter with her home in order for her to be able to purchase insurance after the rebuilding is complete. It is always our goal to be above and beyond the recommended codes and having the offer of assistance from this professional engineer is priceless. Rosalind was quite sad though. She just received word that her brother out in California was found dead this morning. She did manage a smile when we told her the engineer had changed his mind and would allow us to keep her original exterior siding and just replace the damaged areas. She wants so badly to maintain the integrity of her home and this change is a great relief and blessing -- just when she needed to hear it! God's perfect timing!
And by this evening Monty's truck is back in the shop. The water heater did get replaced and that is fine. This time it's the clutch bearings -- when it rains it pours??
Until next time . . . remember the real reason for this season! Susan and Monty

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