Sunday, March 01, 2009

Out they go -- In they come

The end of last week was a whirlwind! Teams trying to do what they could to wrap up their jobs before heading back home.
One team left Friday morning. Even though the work continued we sure missed them and are so thankful for everything they did and all the lives they touched while here.
By the end of Friday Terri had nearly all her electric pulled for her bedroom and the siding coming along great and a roof completely done.
Hai is nearly 100% complete with insulation and sheetrock, only a few pieces of each and it will be done. She provided a great lunch for all those working with her and tears were shed by all when it came time to leave.
Cathy has all her plumbing and electric done and all the siding on the outside of her home. She was also speechless as she looked at all that had been accomplished over the past 2 weeks.
Richard now has all his walls painted and part of the outside closed in porch framed in. He also has his electric done and is amazed at the speed of progress.
We heard from Paul and Susan and they are going to finish painting themselves and are ready for their cabinets to be installed by the company they purchased them from -- we call this one done also.
Both Jeannie and Clarice have their new decks along with Jeannie's trailer skirting and both are also pronounced done! I do believe their entire street looks better -- and their smiles don't hurt either!
Work will continue this week with Marie and Naomi and the Vineyard church in Galveston. It will also continue with Hai, Cathy, Richard and Terri. God continues to provide what and who we need and we continue to thank Him for His blessings.
This morning Monty and I traveled up north to Splendora, Texas where we were invited to participate in the Plum Grove Assembly of God Mission Sunday. This church sent a team to work with us back in the fall of 2006 and it was an honor to be invited. We got to see some of those who came and worked and also tell a bit about what is going on with us. They hope to send another team or so, maybe just for a day since they are only an hour away. We also made a connection with the guest Pastor who is from another local church. He has been wanting a connection to send teams contacting him so it was a double blessing, not to mention a wonderful dinner following the service.
Tomorrow we start all over again. We already have 4 teams on site with 2 more arriving ?? A team from Terre Haute, Indiana from Rose Hulman college are on their way. They, along with our neighbor Shelley got caught up in the nasty weather that struck the south and are delayed by a day. We pray for safe travel as they make their way south.
Our "count" for the week is near 70 volunteers and we are so excited to see what God has in store for all of us and for the homeowners we will be helping! Lives will be changed -- guaranteed!

Until next time . . . thanks to all those from last week -- we miss you already!
Be blessed. Susan and Monty

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