Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saying goodbye is twice as hard

How do you say goodbye to 2 teams that are family? The answer --- not easily!!!! It creates alot of tears, on both sides.

Yesterday was the "final push" day where each team tries to complete just a little bit more, go that extra mile and all the while realizing that time is ticking away and they will be forced to leave the job incomplete. It's not easy -- our society has the opinion that if we don't finish what we start we aren't doing a good job -- that is NOT true here!

Terri's house is completely primed outside. She took off work a bit early to be able to come and thank Rob and Rich and the team and was shocked when she pulled up. It is now ready for painting outside and for us to also move inside and start working there. They changed her life this week and in turn, God changed theirs!

Hai also is primed all inside and ready for paint. Her ceiling fans and lights are installed and are beautiful. All her doors are in and her plumbing has been corrected. She said she must might take the kids and do something fun this afternoon --- awesome!

Butch couldn't thank John and Naresh enough! He was so blessed by not only their expertise in construction but their joy that resonated throughtout the home and the week.

Richard only has a couple of rails to go on his deck and a few odds and ends before being ready to move in. This team also signed his homemade cross that will grace the entry of his home.

Sonny's old trailer is nothing but a pile of rubble. Jason and Scott and Jim managed to salvage so much material for Sonny -- something not planned for at all. Our local Saturday day-team is cleaning up the last of it today. Monty always jokes and says the man with the largest brimmed hat is the boss -- it's a toss up in the above photo!

Benjamin and Rita also have all their sheetrock hung and only one more tape coat is needed. They also changed lives with their love and thanks to the team.

Naomi's tile flooring only needs a bit more time and Gregg will have it done and she will be ready to move out of her bedroom upstairs and have a real house again.

Marie has nearly all her mudding done and will be ready for priming and painting. We still need to do some plumbing work in her bath and bedroom but she is getting closer and closer each week. She was thrilled to give her puppy, Rey, to Shane who is now doing what he can to arrange to fly Rey back with him to Oregon next weekend. Rey seems to be doing well in his move and will hopefully do well on the plane?!

In saying our goodbyes both last night and this morning it was so evident that lives of homeowners AND volunteers had been changed forever this week. Grown men with tears streaming down their cheeks because of the heart God has given for the people. Women who vow to come back now that they know there is plenty they can do to help. Younger ones who are still in shock at what they have seen and will need some time at home to process everything. It's God at work! It's always amazing to watch, even more amazing to watch week after week! We are the ones who are "super blessed" to be here week after week, month after month . . . just doing what we can to be the hands and feet of our Lord!

Please continue your prayers for Diane's mother and for Ken's wife, Cynthia. Also pray for protection over all our teams as some travel home and others travel here for their special week of service.

To Rob, Rich and Mark of our home church -- you just have NO idea how uplifting it is for Monty and I personally to have you here -- to feel your love and to see your smiling faces! As painful as it is to see you go -- you know the door is always open for you to return.

To our California "dream team" -- what would a disaster be without you! You are amazing, the love you have for us and the way you show that love! Same goes for you -- an open door! And a special thanks for making it possible for Jason to stay another week with us! What an amazing young man with a huge heart of service! Bless you for allowing us to borrow him for a bit longer!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all. Susan and Monty

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