Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Candy!!!!

The very top photo is a Happy Birthday to Candy -- from Rob (Candy is his wife)! He and the team worked away at Terri's as you can see with the guys cutting siding and Rich about to work his way to the big circular window -- it was completely sided and primed when they left today! Amazing!

David and his crew started their day at Marie's with taping and mudding and due to the intense fog the drying time was a bit extended so they packed up and headed around the bend to help the team working at Benjamin and Rita's house hanging and finishing sheetrock. You can see that their ceilings are a bit low thus making the reaching with tape and mud a real trip! They then returned to Marie's to finish up the day. Double duty!

Diane, Gregg, Pam, Phil Jr and Shirley were working away at Naomi's. Gregg was on his hands and knees all day with laying 6" tile flooring!! The rest were cleaning, painting and finishing up everything needing done. She is nearly done! And thrilled!

Sonny's trailer is now nearly 100% demolished. A bit more cleanup tomorrow and we call it done and he can start shopping for a new home!

Butch and Teresa now have a complete bathroom and are also thrilled beyond words.

Hai has doors, even a closet door! She is nearly all primed and cannot believe her eyes each time she comes inside. She wants to keep Mark, Gary and the whole team!

The work goes on and now we are looking at Friday -- the last day and a day where everyone pushes to get done. We always are sad at the thought of them leaving and I hope to focus on the miracles of the day and put that out of my mind, for atleast another 24 hours!

We do have a special prayer request -- Diane's mother is back in the hospital having fluid drained from her lungs -- she is extremely weak and needs our prayers.

Another prayer request for our dear friends Pastor Ken and his wife Cynthia. She has some deep and painful medical problems going on and really needs our prayers!

Thank you for always answering our prayer requests -- prayer has almighty power!

Happy Birthday to my Mom -- wish you were here so we could really celebrate!!!! Love you!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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