Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God told me it would be this way

Toward the middle of last week God kept speaking to me (in that still small voice of His) telling me that next week would be "the week." Not alot of description, not alot of detail but I just knew that this week would be special. Even in knowing that I didn't have a clue, didn't have the full picture, didn't see the depth and length of His blessings to come. And with today only being Wednesday I am certain those blessings will only continue to grow.

You can see the new walkway going in at Terri's along with an interesting view from INSIDE her home looking out! Some things have to be removed before they can be rebuilt and that's what's happening with her walls. She did call last night and tell about how she had broken down at work yesterday, started crying, which brought fellow employees to her side asking what was wrong. It was only when she told them she was crying tears of joy that they understood, sort of.

Sonny's old trailer continues being demolished and taken to the street. We pulled a couple of the team members from Richard's to come and help. Everyone there was having way too much fun taking it apart and waiting for the roof to come falling down. They will be returning there tomorrow.

Richard is nearly all complete with his laminate flooring and the team even put together his bedroom yesterday, furniture and all! The one man finished the cleaning and refurbishing of the family heirloom trunk and brought Peggy to tears with the fantastic results.

Hai now has all her sheetrock completely hung and finished. They plan on installing interior doors and priming walls tomorrow. Could we possibly see paint by the end of the week? If Mark has anything to say about it we certainly will!

Butch and Teresa's men were a bit delayed in arriving this morning. But as you take a look at them in the above photo you can see the delay turned out fine. John got 2 bites on his arm yesterday and by this morning it was evident that it was a spider, maybe a brown recluse. He took a quick trip to the ER, got a shot and some meds and was back to work nearly all better!

Naomi will get some tile flooring tomorrow and will be ever so close to returning to living in her lower level and having a real kitchen.

Marie is also gaining by leaps and bounds. My goal tomorrow is to get to Galveston and have some updated photos for all of you to see.

I also received word that Paul and Susan should be receiving kitchen cabinets tomorrow and that their home looks like something out of a magazine! They both have a permanent smile on their faces!

Even with God speaking to me about this week it still amazes me. I never want to take that amazement for granted. I never want to stop being in awe at His almighty power! He is changing the lives of the homeowners but there is something very special and very strong happening within these teams. Eyes are being opened, and some are pouring with tears of emotion and hearts are being changed --- miraculous!!! What an awesome God we serve!

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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