Thursday, March 12, 2009

Their last day?

She has a "severe dislike" for birds yet when we toured Galveston this morning she brought some left over bread and drew quite the crowd! Amazes me how they come from nowhere!

The weather took a different turn today, cloudy and 20 degrees cooler but all still worked as planned.

We started 2 new jobs today also, Henry and Margie. Margie now has her bedroom ready for rebuilding and also enjoyed spending time with Velda who is a fellow quilter! Another God match!

Henry got a team who started inside his house, organizing and cleaning the remainder of Ike. And when we stopped by he once again pulled out his guitar and played a couple of songs -- the team was speechless until giving him a round of applause! They all marveled at his wisdom of 88 years and learned more in one day than a lifetime of history classes.

The rest of the teams continued their blessing of the homes and homeowners. All in San Leon gathered at Teresa and Butch's for a wonderful homemade southern lunch and were done just in time for the light rains to show up.

We took a few minutes to stop in and meet and greet Marie who is patiently waiting for another team to show up and continue working next week.

This evening we welcomed our incoming team from California who will start working tomorrow and work all through next week. The rest of the teams will arrive over the weekend. We are really excited as we await our home church team due to arrive on Sunday evening.

I am sad to think about my mom and sister in law leaving tomorrow morning. I know my dad will be happy to have my mom back, especially with his facial surgery yesterday. He is doing better but will be much better when she gets back home. I feel so blessed to have had them here for the past few, short, days. I pray God has touched their hearts, as I know He has, and they will have a better understanding of how He works through the lives of others in helping others after disasters! They have seen miracles and in that they have seen God -- life changing!

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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