Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phil tours San Leon

The story behind tonight's photo:

This family (the mother was working and not home at the time of the photo) moved from Vietnam to here 5 years ago with the dream of making a better life through a better job. The father took a job working on the oyster boats and the mother learned to be a nail technician.

Two years later the father caught his right arm in one of the boat's ropes and lost his arm and most of his shoulder. He will never to be able to work again.

Their children are currently 17, 16, 14, 13, and 12. What a beautiful family!

When the storm hit San Leon they were living in a 4 bedroom mobile home which they owned. They did not own the land it was sitting on. The storm destroyed the home, it was nearly unrecognizable in the photos they shared with me. They received some FEMA funds and paid to have the home demolished and removed from the property. They are now living in a 2 bedroom mobile home that was also damaged in the storm -- and not repaired! To see the inside nearly made me sick! Holes in the flooring that are covered with duct tape to keep from falling through, a bathroom with nothing but exposed subflooring and wet at that, doors with no door knobs -- just holes, water stained flooring in the hallway . . . the list goes on and on. What are we going to do to help? Anything and everything we can! This is going to be quite the challenge, they need additional finances to do anything and I am in the process of putting together a case for them and hope to tap some resources and successfully show them the miracles that God can perform! Please pray for those resources to be readily available and that this family can once again have a home -- a proper home!

Today Phil drove down from Houston and I was able to take both he and Diane on a trip through San Leon to see all the work going on. Both were pleased and were blessed to hear the thank yous from the homeowners and see the relationships building between them and the volunteers.

Terri's roofing and siding are in process and looking good. Her bedroom is finally getting electricity run into it also.

Cathy is getting insulation in her walls and her electric is nearly complete.

Hai not only got the last of the insulation but sheetrocking started. Her plumbing should be complete tomorrow.

Richard was being painted at the same time the deck is being built and wiring being completed. His elevation inspector came and passed it with flying colors.

Jeannie's skirting of her trailer is complete -- Monty and his 2 girls did a fantastic job! They will finish her back steps tomorrow.

Clarice has her deck almost done also. The rails were quite the challenge but the team mastered it and it looks great.

The tour also included an estimate for Hank and his trailer and Laura and her trailer. Both will need some financial resources so my work is cut out for me!

We also drove by a home that needs to be completely torn down and demolished. The homeowner said both the city and FEMA said it is not structurally sound. We have to see something in writing and will then further assess the home.

Another really busy day -- another day of God pouring out blessings all over the area! The teams talk of the miracles and blessings each night and morning in their devotions. It's always amazing to see, literally see, God at work.

Monty and I are blessed beyond measure to be the ones who get to stay week after week and continually see miracles! Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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