Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunshine and blessings

They worked late into the evening, taking advantage of the daylight to get more done! Indiana combined with California brought smiles to Terri's face. I think it outshone the sun!

Hai has Mark and his mixture of team members starting the tape and mud coats on her walls along with correcting a couple of plumbing leaks and finishing a multitude of things. She also said she feels like she can take a breath this week with this highly skilled team working in her house.

Richard is getting laminate flooring along with trim and if you know anything about building you realize that he is getting really close to being done. They hope to get a bit more done on both his decks tomorrow since it finally stopped raining and hopefully will dry out more by tomorrow.

Butch and Teresa are really enjoying John and Naresh helping them also hang and finish even more sheetrock and get their bathroom done.

An and Tot have some major plumbing that will need done before we can do anything further. And before we get into any of that I have to get the estimate and apply for additional funding for materials. The team in there got quite a bit done today and will be relocating to Barney's house tomorrow to finish his cleanup and organizing.

Cathy and Dwight had a bit of a setback today. The siding they selected for the inside of the walls wasn't heavy enough to withstand the moisture and buckled beyond repair. Although it was quite the challenge they made the decision to remove it all and replace it with a heavier style. Things like this can happen and can be quite difficult for the homeowners. Cathy worked her way through the sadness and is glad it didn't happen later when correcting it could have been alot worse.

Naomi is getting closer and closer to having her condo done enough for her to remove her kitchen items from the bathroom (the only place with water) and return them back to a new kitchen.

Benjamin and Rita are thrilled at the progress of their sheetrock hanging and finishing. Their shorter ceilings make quicker work of the process.

Marie is getting the final electrical done along with more walls. Today they finally got the lower rotted cabinets removed. That was quite a feat as she has been quite admimate that they stay -- her daddy built them! She did realize they were damaged beyond repair and allowed us to remove the lower ones only! What a lady! David from California is heading up her team.

As you can see, Monty was able to be away from camp and tour all the homes in San Leon today. And of course this evening another camp "mishap" had him unclogging a trailers septic lines, what a mess but .... happens!!! :) He also worked an amazing deal with our vehicle maintenance company and will be picking up our newly repaired bobcat tomorrow! Thanks a bunch Austin!!! He and his company help keep us running without going broke!

It's such fun having teams here that we know so well and have worked with so many times over the years. And with all those teams there are the new volunteers -- God's working! It feels like family all around us and that is so uplifting for the both of us.

Tonight we were joined by Gregg and Pam again. They just finished the latest speed build in Mississippi, the 3rd one, and are here for the next month. I think they are glad to be out of the South Dakota winter and of course, we are blessed to have them here!

It's only Monday and yet all teams seem to be running smoothly and have amazing goals for their week. And the smiles on each homeowner tells me God is "in the house" literally!!

Stay tuned!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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