Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Most Tuesdays are the day when teams get a better sense of what they are doing and how they are going to get it done. This Tuesday was exceptional -- they are all working as though they have been here for weeks!

Richard only has about 2/3rds of his family room left to lay laminate flooring in. He was down on his hands and knees teaching --- God had to be smiling!

Terri now has both rooms of her house connected, both doors installed and the house standing on cement supports. She called this evening to ask me if she could keep this team?!

Butch and Teresa are also continuing to move forward. The bathroom is nearly done and they will be painting rooms by tomorrow.

A team returned to Barney's house to complete the cleaning of his shed and putting back everything he wanted. When I stopped by late afternoon they were all inside listening to Barney play his guitar and even sharing that guitar with one of the team -- quite the ministry session without anyone even realizing it! He couldn't say thank you enough!

Hai now has the second coat of finish on her walls and Mark set a goal to have it primed and maybe painted by the end of the week. They also plan on installing doors! She is also breathing a bit easier these days.

Cathy and Dwight were over their setback of yesterday and the team was busy installing the new, heavier siding inside and it looks great! They are priming both sides before putting it on the walls.

Diane and Shirley were busy doing their own finishing of Naomi's house and will hopefully be painting tomorrow -- just in time for Gregg and Pam to help out and put it all in high gear!

Marie's house also continues moving forward. Her electric is finally done and the sheetrock finishing is going well. I hope to have some photos of them tomorrow. Since they are in Galveston and I am nearly always in San Leon finding a block of time to travel can be tough but hang in there -- it will happen!

Monty spent most of his day working on our bobcat. He just brought it home from the shop and the engine itself works great but the bucket and such need more than a bit of work. He was elbow deep in it when I made it back!

The teams this week have also decided they want to work past the 4:00pm time and are either choosing to eat out later in the evening or requesting that their dinner be set aside and they'll warm it up themselves when they do get in. Amazing!!!

Tomorrow we will also be returning to Sonny's trailer and hopefully get the rest of the demolition completed. Teams always enjoy taking something apart and they have their work cut out for them on this one!

Please continue to pray for the teams this week AND for the homeowners! God has to have a smile from ear to ear as He watches His children follow His example of total service!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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