Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday with 10

A busy weekend it was. Our teams left all during Saturday morning. As always, it was tough to see them go. They were such an amazing blessing to so many! Thanks to all of them.
By Saturday night we had our team of 2 men come in from Washington state. Sandy had been here a few months ago and this time returned with Doug. It was good to see a familiar face.
Sunday was Family Day here at the Vineyard. After service there was a picnic right here in our front yards, we are located next to the city park! We were all thankful that the high winds had stopped during the night and the sunshine gave us perfect weather.
Around 5pm Monty and I picked up Timothy at the local airport. He flew in from Florida. He originally had a team of nearly 20 people coming and when all of them changed their plans he left his in place and came in as a team of one! Good job Timothy! He and his team had come and worked with us last summer while we were in Indiana helping with the floods. We sure do wish the rest of the team would have come along but as we always say -- no team is too small!
As we started this morning we took a head count and had our "perfect" 10!
Monty had quite the task ahead of him -- studying for his CDL testing here in Texas. He must pass a series of 5 written tests and the driving portion -- sure glad it's not me! He studied and memorized and studied and memorized all day long! This evening I read through the questions and he answered and things look good. If he can get through one more portion tomorrow he can go and take the tests. Please keep him in your prayers -- this is a tough one but he's determined to make it through.
Gregg, Pam and Diane headed to Galveston to work on the Vineyard church floor tile. It's coming along nicely and the main worship area is tiled and grouted.
Marty and Phil headed back to Naomi's and by the end of day had everything done except for the counter tops! She will be back home in a matter of days!
Sandy and Doug followed Timothy and I into San Leon where we dropped them at Terri's. She was home sick with a cold but as you can see from the photo -- she was right out there with them caulking the outside siding. They got the floor tiles all cleaned and will allow the grout to dry for the next day or two before sealing it and moving all the furniture into that room to allow the beginning of the rest of the house to start. They also started painting the siding and it really looks good!
Timothy and I (yes, I went into a home to do hands on work) ended up at Hai's house where we looked at her kitchen cabinet design in more detail and made plans to use linseed oil and polyurethane on the unfinished style to save some dollars. They will be beautiful! We also started in with the second coat of wall paint and got about 80% of it done. We will finish that tomorrow and hopefully get the trim and doors a second coat also. I admit it was quite difficult to do the hands on work, answer the incoming phone calls, check on Sandy and Doug to make sure they were okay and pick up paperwork from homeowners who are trying to get on our list of upcoming clients! Thank goodness Timothy was patient!
This evening we had our second part of orientation where we show a couple of videos of hurricane Ike. Those are always quite the site for new volunteers and we never get tired of seeing them.
As always, there just weren't enough hours in the day. It's quite late and still things to do.
We do have a special prayer request for our dear friend Cynthia, Pastor Kenny's wife. She will be undergoing surgery and we would ask for prayers for guidance from the doctors and a speedy recovery. We wish we could be there with them but . . . something about the miles between us thing!
It's only Monday and we already have a week packed with work and goals and pray God will lead us with His perfect plan. Be sure and stay tuned.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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