Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome Mom and Cindy

Yesterday my mother and sister in law flew down to spend the week with us. It's Cindy's first time to come and my mom's third. We were able to get them settled into the added 5th wheel camper next to ours. Monty just brought it back from the New Orleans camp on Friday so it has come in handy already. They are both enjoying some extra space.

This morning we were all up bright and early to start day 2 with our teams from Iowa and Tennessee. They were all busy yesterday getting a feel for the homes they are working in. They are continuing the ceiling renovations in Hai's house and they look beautiful. Another team returned to Cathy and Dwight's to help him hang the ceilings and some other work needing done. Yet another went to the Vineyard church plant in Galveston and worked on the tile flooring that was started last week. More were back working with Butch and Teresa while yet another team started work at An and Tot's house. They have been tearing out ceramic tile flooring for both yesterday and today.

Mom and Cindy decided they would go with me for the day, checking work sites, getting needed materials and attending the Long Term Recovery meeting this afternoon. Cindy made it to the first job, An and Tot's, and decided to join in the tile removal. We returned to pick her up for lunch and she decided she wanted to return to work for the rest of the day! They managed to get all the tile removed and a bit of sanding and finishing also done. Tot told Cindy that she has had troubles sleeping more than a couple of hours each night as she and her husband have been doing all the work themselves. This work has left An with medical problems with his shoulder and back and Tot with a broken hand. They were both surprised and amazed when volunteers showed up yesterday and we told them we hope to be able to continue sending them until the house is done! Tot told Cindy this afternoon, "I am so happy!" Miracle words!

So many houses being worked in and so many more needing work. We were blessed at the meeting this afternoon to have the opportunity to partner with an organization called "V Family" who works with the Vietnamese families. They are able to offer counseling services along with helping the fishermen find jobs. Nearly all of the men were shrimpers or crabbers and have absolutely no income or job since the storm destroyed their boats. V Family cannot do construction so partnering with them is an answer to prayers --- for the both of us! I will be meeting with them further tomorrow.

The entire team got an added exercise in patience this evening when they returned to camp to find the water shut off -- to the showers, sinks and toilets. The church was a bit flooded this morning when piping to a water heater broke and caused plumbers to be on site the entire day and into the evening. The showers will be running quite late into the night!

It's so nice to have family here, to see them catch the vision, to feel the feelings and see the sites and know why Monty and I continue doing what God calls us to do. They get a better understanding and in doing so have the opportunity to see the miracles for themselves! What an amazing God we serve!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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