Friday, March 13, 2009

They flew out, he flew in

Photo memories of yesterday!

This morning brought a great deal of sadness for me, my mother and sister in law boarded the plane and went home. I had been looking forward to this week for weeks and before I could blink it was here and gone! I guess it's a good thing the airports don't allow you to park and linger when unloading passengers -- it would only make it more difficult! My next hope is that they will come back before too long!

Just as they were getting unloaded we received the phone call from Rich from our home Vineyard church -- he had just landed. We drove around the circle and picked him up on the lower level. Time to shift gears. He was quite shocked to step out into weather that isn't that much different than Indiana right now, cold with rain and temps in the mid 40's! By Monday we'll be back in the mid 70's.

A quick bite for lunch and we were on our way. Monty returned to camp to make preparations for the people to come and pick up our old shower tent and haul it to Galveston for a long weekend of use.

Rich and I headed back to San Leon to check on teams and make a home visit. We were able to get a good look at Terri's as that is where he and Rob will be working next week. He felt confident that they were up for the challenge. I have no doubts!

By the time we got back it was dinner time and then a chance for Rich to get settled in to his cot -- temporarily located in the copy room! We have to wait for the current teams to leave very early tomorrow morning before setting up for the next incoming -- a revolving door!

Diane and I put together plans for jobs for next week. I was telling her that God has been speaking to me that this next week will be a big jump for us with many jobs. I pray that is exactly what happens!

Be sure and stay tuned!

Mom and Cindy -- thank you so much for coming, for listening, for caring and for understanding what we are doing and why we are doing it! It's all about God! NOW you see and NOW you understand! I miss you already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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