Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Closer every hour

I think we broke a record as to how quickly everyone was on their jobs this morning. Even Jeff and I were in and out of Lowes and on the job at Hai's before 8:30am.

Monty took off to see if he could help out with a couple of electrical issues at Hai's. After a meeting of the minds he will join our homeowner, Richard, tomorrow and between them they should come up with the solution.

Hai's house is getting painted, hand made crown molding stained, doors painted, shower installation happening and a multitude of other things. I was able to get our estimate for her kitchen cabinets to the organization who will be taking it to their funding sources and hopefully they will pay the bill for it all. This will be an enormous blessing for us as we are trying to stretch each dollar into ten.

Terri's team, as seen in the above photo, have nearly all of her bedroom floor tiled and even managed to get creative with her transition area between the rooms.

Richard's team finished the last bit of laminate flooring, installed the last door and wrapped up some loose ends. Their projected move in date is this Friday -- but not before we schedule a "blessing of the home" ceremony where we hope all the teams will be in attendance along with the rest of us. This is an exciting time as it will be our first "official" home dedication and always a great blessing for every single person there!

Butch and Teresa's team got even more finishing done and a great start with the kitchen area. He even started asking the team "why" they are helping him and a few more questions about church! Do I hear God knocking?

Benjamin and Rita's has the second finish coat on and the texturing of everything will begin tomorrow. Benjamin is having alot of fun feeding the team each day for lunch -- and they are fully enjoying every bite!

Naomi now has all her tile down, her appliances installed and with a bit more grout and touchup she also will be done!

The Vineyard church in Galveston is also nearly complete with tile flooring -- can you feel the word "finished" coming around the corner?

Monty and I also did another home visit today, Walter. Walter is 92 years "young", lives alone since his wife of 71 years passed away 3 years ago. Walter built his home all by himself and has been trying to do the repairs the same way. The entire back room blew completely off his home, only the slab remains. He doesn't want to rebuild it, just rebuild everything in front of it. He was very smart and held onto his FEMA money so he will be able to provide the materials while we supply the volunteers. When I told him it would probably be a couple of weeks before we could get there he was quick to tell me he had all the time in the world as he planned on celebrating his 100th birthday there in that home!!!!!!!!!!

As this week winds to a close we are so thankful for all the teams who have come and sacrificed their time and talents to bring these homes closer and closer to completion. Within days we will have homeowners returning to their homes, all of them much sooner than they ever thought possible! I know God is smiling, beaming -- from ear to ear to see His children following the example He layed for all of us!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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